Gill Pit Garage


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Gill Pit Garage.  Protect your Pole Vault or High Jump investment from the elements. Keep rain, snow, and vandals away. Easily moves on and off position with the help of a few people. Available in 6 colors: royal blue, red, white, gray, black, and dark green.

Factory installation is required. Contact Elite Athlete 800-688-8227 for more information.


Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • 10'x18' Pits or Smaller (881018C) $9,3355.00  Call for Quote  
  • 14'x25' Pits or Smaller (881425C) $13,980.00  Call for Quote
  • 21'x20' Pits or Smaller (882120C) $14,605.00  Call for Quote  
  • 30'x22' Pits or Smaller (883022C) $17,940.00  Call for Quote  
  • HJ Pit Garage Factory Installation (GILLINSTALLHJG)  $3905.00
  • PV Pit Garage Factory Installation (GILLINSTALLPVG)  $5010.00