Gill LJ/TJ Sand Pit Cover

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Gill LJ/TJ Sand Pit Cover. Keep your pit clean and dry with solid vinyl; or if rain is not an issue choose the vinyl mesh. Constructed of vinyl coated woven polyester. Fill bags with sand and slip into pouches for anchoring. Color: Gray

  • Colors are available for an upcharge.
  • Option to add a 5’ x 5’ multi-color graphic on a white background is available. Vector artwork and order form must be provided.  

 Please call us to order and for shipping rates. 1-800-688-8227 or email

 Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • Vinyl Solid 11'9"x25'6" (730147V)   $1160.00   $1096.00
  • Vinyl Solid 11'9"x25'6" Color (730147VSP)   $1285.00   $1214.00
  • Vinyl Solid 11'9"x31'6" (730147VL)   $1505.00   $1422.00
  • Vinyl Solid 11'9"x31'6" Color (730147VLSP)   $1710.00   $1615.00


  • Vinyl Mesh 11'9"x25'6" (730147)    $1105.00   $1044.00
  • Vinyl Mesh 11'9"x25'6" Color (730147SP)   $1220.00   $1152.00 
  • Vinyl Mesh 11'9"x31'6" (730147L)   $1345.00   $1271.00 
  • Vinyl Mesh 11'9"x31'6" Color (730147LSP)   $1475.00   $1393.00 


  • Graphic Option  (9453)   $757.00   $747.00