Nordic Valhalla NXB 800g Javelin


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Nordic Valhalla NXB 800g Javelin (Mens). The new Valhalla Javelins are aerodynamically designed from scratch for maximum glide. The ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelins are made of 100% Carbon and are specifically made for very technical throwers. The ‘Hard Carbon’ Javelin is very sensitive to technical errors/ flaws but when hit right it will directly self correct and go further that any other Javelin based on our calculations and knowledge/ experience in this field.

The NXB – Next Generation Blunt tip is made for maximum lift in predominantly tailwind and still conditions. The NXB tip is therefore thicker and possesses more of a blunt presentation than any other javelin tip on the market. This helps to create maximum lift and therefore longer glide during perfect wind conditions for this particular tip.. IAAF certified.  (791880XC).

Regular Pricing / Elite Athlete Pricing
NXB Medium Flex (7918802C)  $1645.00   $1555.00
NXB Hard Flex (7918800C)  $1705.00   $1610.00


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General Note regarding javelins:
Headwind (H) is typically used by power throwers who make up for lack of technique with strength and torque
Tailwind (T) is typically used by technical/finesse throwers who make up for lack of power with technique

Nordic Sport javelins, formerly Sandvik, are a hallmark among competitive sportsmen and women all over the world. A wide range of top achievements have been made with Nordic Sport javelins; numerous Olympic medals, World Championships medals and world records. The results achieved by a javelin thrower depend of course on their competence. The materials and the construction of their javelin, however, are of the utmost importance.