Nordic Diana Carbon 600g Javelin


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Nordic Diana Carbon 600g Javelin (Womens). The javelin is primarily designed for headwind throws. Requires high capacity, both physically and technically in the thrower. Used for gold medal at 2008 and 2005 World Championships. IAAF certified.  (7917603C)

  • 5.3 flex
  • Headwind
  • 80M
  • 600g

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General Note regarding javelins:
Headwind (H) is typically used by power throwers who make up for lack of technique with strength and torque
Tailwind (T) is typically used by technical/finesse throwers who make up for lack of power with technique

Nordic Sport javelins, formerly Sandvik, are a hallmark among competitive sportsmen and women all over the world. A wide range of top achievements have been made with Nordic Sport javelins; numerous Olympic medals, World Championships medals and world records. The results achieved by a javelin thrower depend of course on their competence. The materials and the construction of their javelin, however, are of the utmost importance.