Lynx FinishLynx Silver Solution


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Lynx FinishLynx Silver Solution. (E39903)  All packages contain everything you need. Each package is a complete photofinish and timing solution for your track meets. All you add are the athletes and a computer! Can run on any Windows computer equipped with an Ethernet Connection. Includes the new FinishLynx EASYALIGN technology that shows a full-frame video view of the finish line for fast and accurate camera placement. All systems take full color pictures for easier athlete identification. Uses power-over-Ethernet, so no dedicated AC power is required at the camera location. A single Ethernet cable transfers all data AND provides camera power. All packages include LYNXPAD Meet Management Software - this integrates with multiple online meet entry websites, including and


  • 5L500 Vision EtherLynx Camera
    - 2000 Standard Frame Rate
    - Motorized Zoom lens

Silver solution includes all Bronze solution features

  • All Camera Connection and Power Cables
  • Camera Tripod and mounting hardware
  • Tech Support & 1 year renewable warranty
  • Custom FinishLynx Carrying Case
  • Full FinishLynx32 software with support for RadioLynx Wireless Start (E39916), Lynx Software Plug-in(s), IdentiLynx full frame video camera, Scoreboard interface for display of running time & results, Wind gauge interface for automatic wind reading data import.  


  • Automatic capture & virtual photocell plug-in,
  • High resolution (2000 fps) images
  • Remote positioner (remote camera adjustment)
  • Motorized lens (remote lens adjustment)


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An Automatic Timing system for your High School will facilitate hosting meets—and generate income! All you provide is a computer, a printer, and a track meet. Gill/Lynx systems provide you with everything necessary to manage a track meet: athlete entries, seeding, FAT timing,and results plus all you need to turn your printer into an income generator for your High School. 

Please allow 2 week lead time on Lynx timing systems.

*FinishLynx Systems are licensed and cannot be returned.

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