Gill/Tru-Flight Boys 800g Javelins

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Gill/Tru-Flight 800g Javelin (Boys/Mens). This lower price point line of javelins is recommended for high school level competition for the unsurpassed value. The best quality javelin for a budget-conscious program, Tru-Flight javelins allow athletes to have more efficient practice sessions by purchasing multiple javelins at nearly the same price as a higher priced one!  Stiffness refers to the "flex" in the javelin - generally, the more stiffness the farther the throw.

Gill/Tru-Flight 50 (35085) 800g meets all NHSF, NCAA specifications

  • Distance: 50m/165'
  • Stiffness: Light  8.6 Flex

Gill/Tru-Flight 60 (35086) 800g meets all NHSF, NCAA specifications

  • Distance: 60m/195'
  • Stiffness: Medium  8.3 Flex

Gill/Tru-Flight 70 (35087) 800g meets all NHSF, NCAA specifications

  • Distance: 70m/230'
  • Stiffness: Max  7.7 Flex

Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • Gill/Tru-Flight 50 (35085) $216.00   $204.15
  • Gill/Tru-Flight 60 (35086) $227.00   $214.50
  • Gill/Tru-Flight 70 (35087) $238.00   $224.90

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