Gill Take Off Board System

$475.00 - $968.00
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Gill Adjustable Take-Off Board Systems. With the Gill Adjustable Take-Off Board Systems you get Ease of Installation, Ease of Use and Dependable Peak Performance.

Gill Take-Off Board systems are the easiest and fastest boards to install in the market. Complete system comes with installation tray, adjustable folded aluminum base, reversible long lasting take-off board and foul board, and functional blanking lid ready to accept track surfacing.

Includes an exclusive easy-adjust leveling system for both horizontal and verical axis. The leveling bolts are accesible with removal of the foul board.

Take-Off Boards are made from a composite material, an envirornmentally friendly, waterproof material that will not split or crack while offering jumpers great grip. Composite boards provide a much longer lifespan than the traditional wood take-off boards.

12" Take-Off Board Systems:

  • 4350S: 12" system with 8" Take-Off Board and 4" Foul Board (NCAA)
  • 4351S: 12" system with 8" Take-Off Board and 4" Foul Board (IAAF) 
  • 4352S 12" system with 12" Take-Off Board (NFHS)

Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • Complete NCAA System (4350S) $987.00   $932.00 
  • Complete IAAF Certified System (4351S) $1025.00   $968.00
  • NFHS 12" Take-Off Board and Tray (4352S)  $503.00   $475.00  


Plasticine & Replacement parts available Here!


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