Agility Rocker Hurdle-Single

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Agility Rocker Hurdle. No more wasted time resetting the hurdles in between drills. The Agility Rocker Hurdles have a weighted base that allows them to rock back into the starting position. Improves knee lift and step quickness. Position hurdles for agility drills, running drills and plyometric jumps. Use with forward and lateral drills. Constructed of durable PVC tubing. 18” width. Very light. (TA1676). Single hurdle. Carry Strap sold separately.

Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing 
  • 6" Hurdle (TA1676)  $25.00  $23.60
  • 8" Hurdle (TA1678)  $25.00  $23.60
  • 10" Hurdle (TA16710)  $26.00   $24.60
  • 12" Hurdle (TA16712)  $26.00   $24.60



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