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Since 1984

Our Commitment to Excellence Begins with Our Name


disc-about-elite.gifOur name has a history and it represents a lot to us. In the early 1980s, Communist block countries were still very powerful and their sports programs dominated "amateur" athletics. As part of the effort to make the U.S. more competitive, the United States Olympic Committee began the Elite Athlete Program. The purpose of this program was to enhance top U.S. athlete performances by improving their training and nutritional programs.

Included in this program were three brothers Mitch, Dean, and Brian Crouser. They were world class track and field athletes -- Mitch in the discus, Dean in the discus and shot put, and Brian in the javelin. They were ideal test subjects because of the intensity of their 7 day a week training. Training diaries, muscle biopsies, nutritional analysis and speed and strength tests were all part of the Elite Athlete program. In the end, all three brothers felt that there were some benefits in some of the sports nutrition products.

So in 1984, Mitch and Dean formed Elite Athlete. They began with sports nutrition, but over time the business evolved to include athletic equipment and team uniforms for all sports.

After 27 years, our passion continues to be track and field, and while there is a majority of products devoted to the sport, we believe in cross-training so you'll also find products for speed/agility/plyometrics and core along with equipment and uniforms for all sports including Phys Ed.

We constantly evaluate products and not every one is a fit. But that is okay because since 1984 our customers have known that Elite Athlete is more than a name to us. It represents a commitment to excellence and a desire to be the best.