Pacer Astro RT 800g Javelin

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Pacer Astro 800g Javelin (Mens) RUBBER TIP. Pacer javelins have all of the design characteristics of the world’s top javelins. Unquestionably the best javelin value available anywhere. All javelins comply with NCAA and IAAF rules except rubber tip models.  Stiffness refers to the "flex" in the javelin - generally, the more stiffness the farther the throw.

Astro 50RT (780250R) 800g meets all NHSF

  • Distance: 50m
  • Flex: 7.5

Astro 60RT (780260R) 800g meets all NHSF

  • Distance: 60m
  • Flex: 7.4

Astro 70RT (780033R) 800gmeets all NHSF

  • Distance: 70m
  • Flex: 7.0

Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • Astro 50RT (780250R) $447.00   $422.00
  • Astro 60RT (780260R) $466.00   $440.00
  • Astro 70RT (780033R) $477.00   $451.00

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