OTE Intermediate 800g Javelin 60m

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OTE Intermediate 800g Javelin (Mens). OTE javelins are handmade in the USA by the master artisans who are following in the tradition of the world's greatest name in javelin development: Dick Held. The performance potential of OTE javelins is unsurpassed, being used for numerous championship wins and world records.

The OTE Intermediate javelin is a very durable, great flying javelin that meets all High School, NCAA, and IAAF rules. Also available in rubber tipped (RT) models for improved safety and durability. (2860)

  • Distance: 60m
  • Version: Headwind or Tailwind
  • Flex: 7.1
General Note regarding OTE javelins:
Headwind (H) is typically used by power throwers who make up for lack of technique with strength and torque
Tailwind (T) is typically used by technical/finesse throwers who make up for lack of power with technique


Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • Headwind (2860H)  $576.00   $544.30
  • Tailwind (2860T)  $611.00   $577.40

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