Gill Orbiter Tungsten Indoor Throwing Weight


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Gill Orbiter Tungsten Indoor Throwing Weight.  Meets NCAA and IAAF specifications. All Orbiters carry a 1-year limited warranty. (4950) 

  • Smaller diameter 100% tungsten-filled shell; 125mm for 20lb ball, 156mm for 35lb ball
  • Improved one piece textured handle
  • Exclusive lightweight ball bearing swivel reduces torque and friction during rotation
  • Kevlar weight bag is the lightest and most durable bag on the market
  • Plastic injection NBR collar reduces damage potential and allows uninhibited rotation


Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing

  • 20 LB (4959)  $3,230.00   CALL
  • 35 LB (4958)  $5,355.00   CALL



Replacement Ball, Bag, and Handle are available in Orbiter Tungsten Replacement Parts