Flash Timing FT-FAT60

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Flash Timing FT-FAT60 System. FlashTiming offers an innovative, affordable FAT solution. The fully automatic timing systems combined with  easy-to-use software, allow you to host a quality track meet with accurate times and fast results. 

  • FT-FAT is radio linked: no need to wire the starter or point a timing device at the starter's pistol.
  • FT-FAT allows the starter and timing officials to signal to each other that they're prepared for the next race.
  • FT-FAT is reliably triggered by a .22 or .32 caliber starting pistol - no special ammunition required.

The USB FT-FAT60 is sleeker and smarter. It uses an NTSC/analog video camera to produce 60 frames per second (one frame every 0.017 seconds). The timer unit connects to the computer via USB2.0 and has an integrated digital converter. No batteries, power supply, digital converter or firewire connection needed for the timing unit.

FT-FAT60 includes intelligent radio-linked units for both the starter and timer and our easy to use FlashTiming Software to capture and review videos. Finish line images of each race are recorded every 1/60th of a second for photo finish results. The race time is encoded on each frame of the video and is saved to your computer's hard drive. Playback of captured results is easy. FT-FAT60 software provides a unique, easy to access file naming system for each heat recorded. Plus, your results can be transferred to the supported meet management applications with a click of a mouse.

The system includes everything you need to get started timing meets, including both Starter and Timer radio units, analog video camera in weatherproof housing, 25 feet of video/power cable, and FlashTiming software (computer not included).  The system can be purchased with our video camera, or you can provide your own - any digital video camera that also has NTSC analog video out or any analog video cameras will work with the FT-FAT60.


Technical Requirements (2019)

Pentium 4 laptop computer
2.0Ghz, 2MB L2 Cache
2GB of Ram
100GB Hard Drive
1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
USB 2.0
Windows 7 or Newer


PACKAGE DEALS ARE AVAILABLE that can also include the FT-Display, Camera Stand, Starter Stand, and video camera with housing. 


Call for more information and to order  1-800-688-8227 or email sales@eliteathleteinc.com