Bullet Belt System

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Bullet Belt System.  Improve stride length and frequency in the same run! Great for resistance to improve starting and acceleration mechanics. Unique design uses variable Velcro closure to modify resistance for athletes at any level and easy release giving a contrast workout where the athlete goes from resistance to free running. Free-swivel D-ring on belt allows for training in all directions. Adjustable and comfortable. Bullet Belts are constructed of high-quality nylon, circumference is 54". Red/Black. (TA138)

Also Available:

  • Bullet Belt Waist Belt. Extra/Replacement belt for the Bullet Belt System.  (TA1382)


Regular Pricing/ Elite Athlete Pricing 
  • Bullet Belt System (TA138)  $131.00  $123.80
  • Extra/Replacement Belt (TA1382)  $90.00  $85.05